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Author Topic: Easter Eggs  (Read 56 times)


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Easter Eggs
« on: October 06, 2016, 01:53:31 pm »
Tribute Room

The tribute room takes place on the level "The Package". Load up Bravo Point and make sure it's on Legendary. After you do this, proceed into the level until you have to hold off the Covenant from Halsey's Lab. After defending your point for ten minutes, check the side of the labs building. You will see a locked off door. From the lab proceed to the other side of that levels area. You will see to your left once you arrive there a gap you can jump into but once you do you will hit a countdown barrier telling you to back up. Quickly run through the small gap and jump to the other side and hit the "secret" button and try and make your way back to the lab. As you proceed to the lab you will see at least 5 Golden Elites with swords rushing you. Defeat them all and then check the side door again. It will be open and you will instantly get teleported into Halsey's lab. Inside you can find fan art, informational logs, and pictures from all the Halo Games ever created. It's a very interesting room and its full of secrets. You also can get a glimpse at Emile's face, if you look hard enough.

Master Chief

Toward the end of the mission 'The Pillar of Autumn" you will come upon a cutscene of the Pillar of Autumn taking off into space. As you are in the cutscene, hold the right joystick to the right and soon your head will turn and you will get a glimpse of Master Cheif (or Linda) asleep in a Cryo Chamber.

Reach Radio's

   Throughout Halo: Reach you will stumble upon tiny little radios that have different comm chatter. These radios can be found on Tempest, Overlook, Countdown, and many other multiplayer levels. When you get close to them you will hear different people discussing what is happening on Reach and hear some interesting chatter involving the state of Reach. They are worth checking out.

Master Chief Statue

     This Easter Egg can be found on the mission "Lone Wolf". You can only see it if you use the Pan-Cam glitch, which you can do by starting up a campaign mission film and repeatedly restarting the film from the beginning. If you do it correctly you will be able to fly around the mission freely and explore out as far as you want. Once you do this fly where the guys from Rooster Teeth do in the video, and you will come upon a small Master Chief Statue way off in the distance, just sitting there. It's a very cool Easter Egg.

If you have any other Halo: Reach Easter Eggs, post it!

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